“Rich and wild, dark and funny, as fearless as her legendary journalism and as scary as a fairy tale. A serious writer at the top of her game. I love this book!” — Terry Bisson, winner of the Hugo and Nebula Awards

“Brilliant, exciting, startlingly fresh… Donna Minkowitz comes to the conclusion that she must have been her mother’s golem, a manikin formed from clay and garbage and sacred letters, built to fall apart when it fails to serve its maker… She takes a dazzling leap of fancy and then writes a new bridge into being behind her for the rest of us to follow.”— Ellis Avery, author of The Last Nude and The Teahouse Fire

“Golem, schmolem — Minkowitz has sculpted a wonderful life for herself out of sheer dedication and grit, and her writing is magic. Two goyische maidel thumbs up!!” — Lily Burana, author of I Love a Man in Uniform


“Holds nothing back…  the same brutal introspection and clever humor  [as Ferocious Romance] , but this book is much more personal and sexually explicit …  Minkowitz brings a defiant, playful energy to writing about her difficult and dark past. Intelligent but not for the prudish or fainthearted. ”   — Kirkus Reviews

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